My passion for emergency preparedness grew out of my interest in backpacking.  I am an avid ultralight backpacker taking every chance I get to hit the trails (which is unfortunately far too infrequent).

Backpacking along Lake Michigan

Backpacking along Lake Michigan

Photo by Nick Johnson

Shortly after being introduced to the sport of backpacking, I realized that, in many ways, backpacking is all about being prepared for the unexpected in a wilderness setting.  This caused me to think hard about how prepared I was for emergencies when I was not backpacking!

As I married and started having children I had a heightened awareness of my responsibility to provide for my new and growing family – especially in the event of a disaster.

This site simply began as a personal project to help my family prepare for disasters.  After extensive research into the topic of emergency preparedness I realized that a lot of the information available simply tells you want you need, but not why – endless lists of gear, but no mention of how you might use a particular tool in any given emergency situation. The critical component of knowledge and skill behind the equipment seemed to be missing in much of the material I read.

Thus, this site, Disaster Survival Guide, was born.  I want to answer why not just what.  I want to tell you how not just about.

I don’t want you to just have a bunch of stuff you don’t know how to use stored in your garage and labeled “Emergency Kit.”  I want you (and your family) to be truly prepared for any disaster that may come your way.  I want you to be around to see your kids and grandkids and even your great-grandkids grow up.  If you take the time now to learn the necessary skills and get the proper gear and supplies you will be much more likely to survive that disaster when it comes your way.

Scott Salzman
Disaster Survival Guide