Backup your carry kit

I read a suggestion once to photocopy the contents of your wallet each year on your birthday,
then if you lose it it is easy to know just what to cancel or replace, and contact numbers from the cards are not lost. I have lost mine more than once but fortunately good samaritans have found […]

Every Day Carry 1

by Nitsuj
-Small pig light by Toysmith
-House Key
-Room Key
-Cards (library cards,liscence etc.)
-Acme Tornado whistle
-Buck Nobleman pocket knife
-Mini Maglite
-$1 in quarters
-Moleskine pocket notebook Volant


by Ann

One thing that I carry on my key chain is a ResQMe tool. In the event that I become trapped in a vehicle I can potentially get myself and my children out with this tool. It will allow me to cut my seat belt and safely break a window.

Interesting Set Up

by Cameron
(Washington State)
Due to things I’ve experienced in the past my current kit consists of the following

2 Spyderco Tenacious folders (one serrated and one non)
1 Surefire E2D LED Flashlight
My wallet with Victorinox Swiss Card, necessary papers and some cash
Keys with a key ring pen and micro light like the Photon
Kel-Tec P32 .32ACP Semi Auto […]

Food Storage Basics

People talk about having a food storage plan for emergencies, but where do you start? How much should you store? Where, and how, do you store it?

I recommended that you keep one month of food on hand for emergencies. To some this may seem like a ton of food and to others, not enough […]

Emergency Food Storage

Your emergency food storage plan should include at least a week’s worth of food for your family stored in portable totes that you can quickly grab in the event you have to evacuate your home.

When we first planned out our portable emergency food storage, we had no idea what we were doing!  We found […]

Interview with Arthur T. Bradley

I recently had a chance to interview Arthur T. Bradley, author of Handbook to Practical Disaster Preparedness for the Family. Arthur’s philosophy of disaster preparedness closely mirrors my own and I thought an interview with him would be helpful for my readers. Below you will find a few gems. Thanks Arthur for taking to […]

Sample Evacuation Food Storage Menu

Here is the week-long sample menu plan for our portable emergency food storage. We would take this with us if we ever need to evacuate due to a disaster. (Okay, so it’s actually for nine days, not a week, but you get the point.)

Make sure you check out the inventory list, which details the […]

Undergrad’s EDC

by Andika
As an undergraduate student, I prefer to put anything essential for my grade at higher level of importance. My EDC (I called it as Personal Defense Kit) are :
1. 12 GB ultra-portable data storage
2. 3.6″ Swiss Army Knife (I know it is a counterfeit one with ZIEGEL trademark)
3. A LED lighter, packed inside […]

EDC of the South

This kit is carried with me at all times, I have 1st and foremost my Wallet with emergency cash, Keychain with car and house keys & bottle opener, LED Flashlight, Precision Screwdriver/Window Punch, Credit Card Size Multi-Tool, Gerber Mini Multi-Tool, Chapstick, Watch, Holstered 9mm with 8 round magazine loaded with Personal Defense JHP, Survival […]