The goal of Disaster Survival Guide is to provide you with the best information available on how to prepare for disasters.  I welcome your feedback as I strive toward this goal.

Your Stories!

One of the best ways to learn about emergency preparedness is to listen to stories about people who survived disasters or share with each other how we are preparing for them.  There are (or will be) several places on this site where you can share your stories with the rest of us!

Practiced A Disaster Scenario?
When was the last time you practiced your disaster survival skills or tried out your emergency kit? Tell us about it!

Your Everyday Carry Kit
What item do you carry every day that you find indispensable? Or share a story about when your everyday carry kit came to the rescue!

Does your story not fit into one of the above categories?  Just fill out the form below and I’ll help you find the best place to share your story.

Error?  Disagreement?

No site is perfect (especially this one!) and sometimes I make mistakes.  Since we are preparing for potentially life threatening situations I strive to be as thorough and as accurate as possible.  Sometimes there isn’t enough space and time to tell everything I would like to about a particular subject.  And sometimes I’m just wrong about something!

Please fill out the form below if you noticed something as minor as a typo (make sure you tell me exactly which page and where) or something as major as a fundamental philosophical difference on emergency preparedness.

I especially want to hear from you if you think something I have said may be dangerous and will endanger lives.  We will all be more enriched if you help me improve this site instead of simply adding me to your mental ignore-this-guy list.

Comments?  Questions?

If you just have a comment or question please fill out the form below!  If you have questions regarding how your personal information is used on this site, please refer to the Privacy Policy.

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