There will be any number of possible natural disasters in your area. Some will not be relevant to you, like a tsunami in Kansas, but you might be surprised by some of the others!

I will help you understand each natural hazard below and give you specific ideas to supplement your disaster kit for each type of emergency.


Tornadoes are fierce localized storms that form in severe thunderstorms with little or no warning. F5 tornadoes can have winds up to 300 mph and can move at 70 mph. Their paths of destruction can be 1 mile wide and 50 miles long.

In the United States, they occur most commonly in the Mid-West, but tornados have occurred in all 50 states! See the map on my tornado safety page (link below) of where tornados are most likely to happen.

Tornados most often occur in the spring and summer. They also normally develop in the evening, when the weather patterns that spawn tornados usually form. But they can and do happen at any time of the day or night and in any month of the year.

See tornado safety for the most important thing you need to survive a tornado. Preparing for a tornado before the sirens go off is key to your survival.

Other Disasters

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