Weather Alert StationNOAA Weather Radio

The most important thing you can do to prepare for tornado safety is get a NOAA Weather Radio. Get one that automatically alerts you of dangerous weather. (Some hand crank or economy models don’t have this feature!)  Make sure you get a SAME capable radio so you don’t get desensitized to alerts that don’t pertain to you.

If you don’t have tornado sirens in your area or can’t hear them (ex. you are watching a movie or are sleeping), the weather radio, with its loud alarm, is doubly important for you!

Read my NOAA Weather Radio page for details on how to select the best weather radio for this purpose.

Tornado Safety Cell Phone Alerts

You can also sign up for alerts on your cell phone from various weather sites. One site that provides this service is Check the “Severe Weather Alerts” option. After you finish creating the alert click “edit settings” and select the “severe only” option. This will filter out the non-life threatening alerts.

Services like these are great when you are not at home by your weather radio. Just remember though that during disasters cell phone networks don’t always work. They are also not nearly as reliable as the weather radio, so don’t just do this in place of your weather radio.